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Nail Enhancement
Nail Enhancement Nail Enhancement
Full Set/ Fill-In
Regular Acrylic Nails/Overlay$30.00/$20.00
Regular White Tips$35.00/$20.00
Regular Acrylic Sculpture$40.00/$20.00
Full Set w/Gel Polish$50.00/$40.00
Liquid Gel w/Reg. Polish$50.00/$40.00
Liquid Gel w/Gel Polish$65.00/$55.00
Silk Wrap w/Reg. Polish$45.00/$35.00
Silk Wrap w/ Gel Polish$65.00/$55.00
Full Set w/Gel Powder$40.00/$25.00
Gel White Tips Extension$45.00/$25.00
Gel Sculpture$45.00/$25.00
Gel Sculpture w/Gel Polish$65.00/$45.00
Solar (Pink & White)$55.00/$45.00
Color Acrylic Extension$50.00/$40.00
Change of Color Acrylic$45.00
Pink Fill-in Only for Solar$30.00
Cut Down$3.00
Natural Nail Services
Natural Nail Services
Classic Manicure$15.00
Treatment includes cuticle grooming, nail trimming, filing, light hand massage & followed by choice of polish color.
Spa Manicure$20.00
Treatment includes Classic Manicure plus exfoliating with aroma scrub for deep moisturizing, follow by aroma butter cream, which will exfoliate leaving your hands soft and smooth.
Deluxe Manicure$25.00
Treatment includes all in Spa Manicure plus paraffin, the ultimate in luxurious hand care.
Gel Manicure$35.00
Indulge yourself with our everlasting manicure that ultimate in luxurious hand care.
Gel Manicure w/French$40.00
SNS Dipping Powder$45.00
SNS is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the nail, which is then dipped in a powder.It looks natural, It's strong, but feels light, It doesn't require UV lights to set.
Over 400 Gel Colors to Choose From
Orange Blossom Pedicure$30.00
A classic full service pedicure plus callous removal, exfoliating with Orange sea salt scrub, finish with our spa pedicure massage oil.
Sensation Pedicure$35.00
Treatment includes basic pedicure plus callous removal, exfoliating with Orange sea salt scrub, massage with our spa pedicure massage oil plus paraffin wax.
Moroccan Tea Pedicure$45.00
Spa pedicure plus callus removal with a Green tea salt scrub. Desert green tea mud mask and a green tea cream.
Red-Hot Passion Pedicure$50.00
Hot lava stones find your points to melt stress away heated stones that glide over stressed muscles for a deep and warm penetration that thaws even the tightest tension. The stones release toxins and knots and promote wellness by drawing out tension.
Paradise Cocktail Pedicure$50.00
Deluxe Pedicure with papaya scrub moisturizing papaya foot mask plus callus removal extensive reflexology massage with Papaya cream plus paraffin wax.
Reflexology Add-­on
A relaxing massage that focuses on reflexology and acupressure techniques.
10 M ­ $10 / without Pedicure $15.00
20 M ­ $20 / without Pedicure $30.00
30 M ­ $30 / without Pedicure $40.00
Pedicure Bar
Pedicure Bar
Pedicure Bar
Straight Up Pedicure (30 min)$30.00
Pamper yourself with a special pedicure. Your feet will be treated to a mineral soak, nail shaped, cuticle trim, de-roughed, massage with a vitamin aloe vera lotion. Finished off with hot towel and a polish of your choice.
Shooter Signature Pedicure (40 min)$40.00
Treat your feet a marine masque! Hydrating sea extracts and conditioning mineral clays. Your feet will feel soft, moisturizied and cool for hours.
Pink Cosmo Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Shooter signature Pedi with your choice of scrub: Pomegranate/ Vanilla Wild Plum/ Grapefruit sugar scrub..., mask and lotion.
Chocotini Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Shooter signature Pedi with Chocolate sugar scrub, mask, and lotion.
Pina Colada Pedicure (40 min)$40.00
Shooter signature Pedi with Colada Scrub, mask, and lotion.
Lemon-drop Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Shooter signature Pedi with lemon sugar scrub, mask and lotion.
Mimosa Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Shooter signature Pedi with madarin or Tangerine sugar scrub, mask and lotion.
Milk and Honey Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
The best hydrating pedicure ever!
Cucumber Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Guava Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Green Tea Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Organic Pedicure (40 min)$45.00
Finally, one simple solution to trust your skin with the anti-aging system. Certified organic ingredients. Your choice of scrub: Lemongrass and white -tea, Mango, Lavender, or Pitaya Dragon Fruit
Cuticle & Collagen Mask Pedicure (50 min)$55.00
Customized Shooter signature pedicure with collagen mask
Mojitoe Jello Pedicure (50 min)$55.00
Specially made of genuine natural herbs, ginseng crystal mud and aloe vera.
Double Shot Village Hot Stone Pedicure (50min)$55.00
The dream only gets better as your skin is massaged and exfoliated with your choice of scrub (milk and honey, vanilla wild plum, grapefruit...) hot stone massage, warm paraffin foot treatment will seal the deal and send you into nirvana.
Triple Shot Peppermint Pedicure (1 hour)$65.00
The pedicure will be performed with double exfoliate with peppermint granules. Hot stone massage and paraffin treatment.
Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour 10 min)$80.00
Triple Shot peppermint pedicure with jello.
Super Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour 20 min)$90.00
Triple Shot Peppermint Pedicure with jello and collagen mask.
Skin Care
Skin Care
Classic European Facial (60 mins) $75.00
A relaxing facial treatment for all skin types that includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction and masque.
Deep Treatment Facial (60 mins) $80.00
Deep cleansing facial treatment is great for oily or acne prome skin. Extraction and an anti-bacteria cooling masque. Specialty mask is custom blended to dehydrate and nourish the skin. This treatment is an excellent way to relax while restoring the skin to it”s optimum condition.
Calming & Smoothing Facial (60 mins)$85.00
A classic European facial combined with essential oil blends from mind enhancing to skin therapeutic to well being related synergies.
Collagen Peel Off Mask Facial (75 mins)$110.00
Relaxing and deep cleansing facial treatment is great for all skin types. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extraction and with customize Collagen peel off masque for each individual skin types to help dehydrated, nourish, sensitive & or mature skin. Exfoliate and reduce inflammation with a wide variety of facial masks.
Express Facial (30 mins)$40.00
Ideal for clients on the go or those who want a quick pick-me-up between treatments. Includes cleansing, exfoliation and a customized mask.
Teen Facial (40 mins)$45.00
Clear and healthy skin is an important issue for all teens… our estheticians can guide your teen toward proper skin care… we begin with a consultation and discussion to focus on individual needs… pore cleansing with steam is followed by facial massage and moisturizing.
Back Facial (45 mins)$65.00
For some, the back and shoulders are difficult areas to manage… deep cleansing and extraction of impurities are the focus of this procedure… a custom detoxifying mask is followed by moisturizer.
Therapeutic Massage
Our therapeutic massages are practices of Swedish, Deep Tissue & Reflexology. These therapy ultimately combats the stress of modern life and re-energizes the mind, leaving you with a feeling of complete well being. Customized to your personal pressure and technique preferences. Please consult with our massage therapist on which therapeutic massages is best for your body.
*All 30 minutes services will have 25 minutes hands-on, all 1 hour services will have 50 minutes hands-on and all 90 minutes services will have 80 minutes hands-on.
Aromatherapy Massage
Add $4 to any Massage
Swedish Massage
Relaxation is key when it comes to a Swedish massage. This style of massage is used to promote increased circulation, range of motion, and relaxation.
30 Min – $40; 60 Min-$75; 90 Min-$110
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue techniques are great for those who need pressure. It emphasizes deeper techniques to affect multiple layers of muscles or relieve pain.
30 Min – $45; 60 Min-$85; 90 Min-$125
Waxing Services
waxing waxing
Eyebrows and Lip$15.00
Complete Face$30.00
Under Arms$15.00
Half Arms & Hand$30.00
Full Arms & Hand$45.00
Half Legs$35.00-$40.00
Full Legs$45.00-$50.00
Bikini Line$30.00-$35.00
Half Legs & Bikini$60.00-$65.00
Full Legs & Bikini$75.00-$80.00
Back or Chest$55.00+
(We do not double dip for Brazilian & Bikini waxing)
Spa Packages
Spa Packages
Hawaiian Island Sunset (2H 15M)$120.00
Spa Manicure, Red-Hot Passion Pedicure with additional 10M foot reflexology & 30M Deep Tissue Massage.
Mission Impossible (2.5 Hrs)$145.00
Classic Manicure, Paradise Cocktail Pedicure & 1H Deep Tissue Massage.
Daydream Martini (2.5 Hrs)$160.00
Gel Manicure, Seventh Heaven Pedicure, 30M Swedish Massage & 30M Express Facial .
Long Island On The Beach (3H 15M)$190.00
Classic Manicure, Orange Blossom Pedicure, 1H Swedish Massage & 1H Classic European Facial.
Tequila Sunrise (3.5 Hrs)$210.00
Deluxe Manicure, Sensation Pedicure, 1H Swedish Massage & 1H Deep Treatment Facial .
24 hours cancellation notice is required.
Children Services
(*10 and under ONLY*)
Polish Hand$7.00
Polish Feet$5.00
Manicure & Pedicure$32.00
Additional Services
Additional Additional
Polish Change Hand/Feet$8.00/$10.00
Gel Polish Add-­on with Pedicure$20.00
Buff Shine$5.00
Take off Gel w/Service$5.00
Take off Gel w/o Service $8.00
Take off Acrylic w/Service $5.00
Take off Acrylic w/o Service$10.00
Cuticle Grooming Add-on with Nail Service$5.00
Nail Shaping (Coffin, Stiletto, Ballerina & etc)$5.00
Fill-In on 2 Toes$6.00
1 Repair$5.00
2 Repairs$8.00
3+ Repairs$10.00+
Extension on 2 Toes$10.00
Cut Down Extension$3.00
2 Designs$5.00
4 Nail Designs $8.00
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Cluster Full Set Short$35.00
Cluster Full Set Medium or Long$40.00
EVA Lashes$60.00
Mink Lashes$120.00+
Mink Refill$45.00+
Henna Eyebrows$35.00
Eyebrow Tint$25.00
Permanent Makeup
Lip Liner$400.00
Full Lip$600.00
*By Appointment ONLY*
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